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BM Services, a family ran business, located  outside the village of Kilworth, have been supplying firewood for a number of years  and cover a large area.


Firewood,now more than ever, is becoming a very popular source of heat with open fires and stoves. We supply firewood in various load sizes or bags. In order to get the best results from your firewood it is important that the timber is protected from the wet weather, either in a open shed or just covered with a tarpaulin or equivalent. Firewood should also be seasoned before burning, as fresh timber will not give out as much heat as seasoned timber. For this reason, we season firewood for 12 months minimum before we sell it. However, should you require fresh timber to season yourself, then, by requesting this we will, where possible, try to facilitate your request.
The firewood supplied is cut to a length of approx.  9” ( 22.5 cm ) and split so as to accommodate the smallest of fireplaces. If you have a large fireplace e.g. greater the 18” grate and would prefer larger logs, this can be requested prior to delivery

Over the past number of years, the demand has increased for firewood, and this trend continues due to alternative heating fuel prices, which continue to rise.

We can supply firewood for your open fire, stove or gasification boiler. Call us with your requirments and we will be happy to assist you.

We are located approx 3Km from the village of Kilworth.

 You can reach us on 087-2695456